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Up-to-date knowledge about software development and product development.

“Smartpedia” is a glossary with explanations, details and background information on software development and product development, project management, processes and methods.

We are expanding “Smartpedia” step by step – so it’s worth checking back regularly. In addition, we are continuously developing and learning. Feel free to share the content or send us feedback.

“It is with great pleasure that I read the contents here. They are very well structured and impart a lot of practical know-how. My customers also benefit from the information. Keep it up!

Behshad Partovi

Senior IT-Project Manager and Management Consultant

“Smartpedia” highlights of the week

This week: What is the purpose of a deadline, what types of hackers are there and what is a quick win?

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Glossary of selected terms from software development and project management