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What is the V-Modell XT Bund?

Smartpedia: The V-Modell XT Bund extends the V-Modell XT for public authorities and focuses on the implementation of client projects and the in-house development of software systems.

V-Modell XT Bund – the extension of V-Modell XT for public authorities

The V-Modell XT Bund is an extension of the V-Modell XT adapted to the needs of German authorities. It was developed as a standard in cooperation with experts from various federal authorities by the Federal Agency for Information Technology of the Federal Administration Office. Version 2.1, which was published in November 2017, is currently up to date.

The V-Modell XT Bund takes into account terms and special features of IT projects in federal authorities. Standards such as the technical concept for economic efficiency analysis (Fachkonzept zur Wirtschaftlichkeitsbetrachtung, WiBe), with which statements can be made on the economic efficiency of IT measures, the documents for tendering and evaluation of IT services (Unterlagen für Ausschreibung und Bewertung von IT-Leistungen, UfAB), the S-O-S method and the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI-Grundschutz) were integrated. In contrast to V-Modell XT, V-Modell XT Bund is not mandatory for German federal authorities, but merely a recommendation.

V-Modell XT Bund - the extension of V-Modell XT for public authorities

Differences between V-Modell XT Bund and V-Modell XT

Among others, there are the following differences between the V-Modell XT and the V-Modell XT Bund:

  • With the system development project (acquirer) and the system development project (acquirer/supplier) there are only two instead of four project types. The V-Modell XT Bund thus concentrates on the execution of client (acquirer) projects relevant to federal authorities and the in-house development of software systems. The implementation of pure contractor (supplier) projects is left to the general V-Modell XT.
  • The process modules “Contract conclusion (supplier)”, “Logistics concept” and “HW development” were deleted. The development of hardware (electronics, mechanics, embedded systems) is not addressed by V-Modell XT Bund.
  • The procedure module “commercial project management” was replaced by “economic efficiency analysis”.
  • The process modules “Security” and “Security (supplier)” were replaced by “Transfer of operations”, “IT security” and “Data protection”.
  • Document templates with predefined texts were designed in the corporate design of the federal government.

Basically, the V-Modell XT Bund is much more compressed than the general V-Modell XT. Tailoring is made easier by focusing on public authorities. In addition, the integration of known terms and procedures minimises project risks, improves communication, ensures the quality of the results and at the same time complies with federal standards.



Here you can find the official documentation of the V-Modell XT Bund (only in Geman).

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