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Give us feedback.

About software development, website, newsletter or …

“We are experts in software development. And we regularly learn new things. With your feedback, you help us to become even better.”

Thomas Klingenberg

Founder and Managing Director, t2informatik GmbH

“We want to develop technically clean and reliable solutions. Please let us know whether we have also met this requirement for you.”

Thomas Draba

Founder und Solution Architect, t2informatik GmbH

“I have a hundred ideas about what I would like to improve. But maybe the 101st idea – your idea – is exactly the one we will implement next.”

Michael Schenkel

Head of Marketing, t2informatik GmbH

What do you think about …

Feedback about Software Development

… our skills, knowledge and services in the design or development of software?

Dialogue and Communication

dialogue and communication with us, e.g. in projects, enquiries or partnerships?


… our blog, the selection of topics and the variety of guest authors and experts?


… the whitepapers, guides and templates that we offer as downloads?


… the “Smartpedia” section and for which terms would you like explanations or adjustments?

Feedback about our Website

… our website, what do you like and what can we still expand or build on?


… our newsletter, the structure, the frequency and the timing of the mailing?

So long, and thanks for all the fish


We look forward to your feedback and your ideas.

If you want to give us feedback, you can choose between two ways:

Alternatively, you can also send us your feedback by email to internet@t2informatik.de. Thanks for your support.