We about us.

We develop software for great companies.

Software development with a lot of knowledge and experience

The success of IT developments is very important for most companies and organisations. With a lot of knowledge and experience we develop software for great companies. We are

  • software developers and software architects for .NET, Java and web technologies,
  • project managers, requirements analysts, UX designers and test managers,
  • women and men, singles, spouses and parents.

We dance, play football or ride our motorbikes. And we are experts in software development and learn something new every day.

  • Since our founding in 2012, we have been growing steadily and in ten years exactly one employee has left us (he moved to a partner company).
  • We invest in young people and offer apprenticeships at the Berlin School of Economics and Law every year as part of a three-year dual study programme in computer science.
  • We believe in diversity, equality and care for the environment.

And we work in teams in our offices in Berlin, from home or together with other service providers at our clients’ premises. We would also be happy to work with an individually assembled team for you in the near future.

The team could help you with

  • the needs analysis including requirements analysis, backlog creation, concept and realisation,
  • the development in .NET for frontend, backend or full stack,
  • the realisation of Java components or web applications,
  • the design of modern and stable software architectures,
  • optimisation of applications in terms of performance and maintainability,
  • the realisation of build pipelines, continuous delivery and software distribution or
  • code reviews, refactorings, redesigns and the modularisation of applications.

Talk to us about your situation and let’s see how we can support you.

“We founded t2informatik to support companies with our expertise and energy. We are constantly looking for new employees to join our great team of experts. Just have a look at our vacancies.”

Thomas Klingenberg

Founder and Managing Director, t2informatik GmbH

“The passion for technological challenges, a high standard of quality in one’s own work and a friendly cooperation are written in capital letters at t2informatik. Our customers rely on our knowledge, our skills and our word.”

Thomas Draba

Founder und Solution Architect, t2informatik GmbH

Our factors for successful software development

We offer software development and we love software development. We develop software with great passion, maintain and extend existing applications, optimise the performance and maintainability of applications or modularise applications.

If you are looking for a service provider for your software development, the following four factors are particularly important:

  • Know-how 100% 100%
  • Experience 100% 100%
  • Trust 100% 100%
  • Passion 100% 100%


Know-how is an important factor in software development. We have a lot of knowledge about programming languages, frameworks or tools. But we also know that it makes a big difference in which environment and which industry you are working in. Our software development is based on Scrum and Kanban and combines these with the technical practices from Extreme Programming (XP). But maybe you need to use a document-oriented approach in your development? Maybe compliance with standards is important because you are active in the medical technology, pharmaceutical or automotive industries? Knowledge also always means good knowledge in your domain and you benefit directly from our knowledge.


In software development, experience is at least as important as knowledge. We are happy to provide you with our experience in the development, adaptation or optimisation of software. We help you choose suitable technologies, we conduct code reviews or work with other service providers towards a common goal. We know many useful practices, but above all we know that it makes sense to first understand your situation and ideas before thinking about solution options and starting implementation.


We offer you knowledge combined with many years of experience. Maybe we were recommended to you, but how do you know if everything will work out as described or told? What do you say we just get to know each other? Let us exchange ideas and maybe we will take the next step and arrange an online meeting or a visit at your place or ours. We want to gain your trust and support you concretely with our knowledge and experience.


Knowledge and experience are important. And trust is also important, because it is the basis for successful cooperation. In addition to these three success factors, there is another aspect: passion. Software development is our great passion. Software development is simply the most challenging, coolest, most beautiful task we can imagine!

How can we help you?

Every company and every task is different. Some organisations need support in developing prototypes, others want a code review. Talk to us about your specific situation and we will look together how we can help you as a service provider.

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Alternatively, you are also welcome to send us an email to internet@t2informatik.de. Alternatively, you can of course take a look beforehand at frequently asked questions and answers.