Talk to us.

We are happy to help.

“Many cooperations start in a very simple way: we get a call. And we talk about the situation on the ground, about ideas and possible first steps”.

Thomas Klingenberg

Founder and Managing Director, t2informatik GmbH

“Whatever you want to know: We are happy to help. In some cases a tip is enough, in others we develop software and sometimes we recommend someone who can help you.”

Thomas Draba

Founder and Solution Architect, t2informatik GmbH

“I’ll let you in on a little secret: many people hesitate to make contact. For different reasons. Talk to us about these reasons.”

Michael Schenkel

Head of Marketing, t2informatik GmbH


Software development from Berlin. Just an email or a phone call away.

There are several ways to get in contact with us:

  • The easiest is by phone. Call us at +49 (30) 419 58 981.
  • You could also send a message to
  • Or you can send an e-mail to our managing director Thomas Klingenberg. He will be happy to talk to you about software development, projects or offers. You can reach him at
  • Do you have questions for our marketing department? Would you like to publish a guest article in our blog or talk to us about a cooperation? Then Michael Schenkel is the right person to contact. You can reach him by e-mail at

No matter which way you choose: We look forward to hearing from you!