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We turn your wishes into our tasks.

“Many cooperations start in a very simple way: we get a note. And we talk about the situation on the ground, about ideas and possible first steps”.

Thomas Klingenberg

Founder and Managing Director, t2informatik GmbH

“Software development is our great passion. We love software development. It is simply the most challenging, coolest, nicest job we can imagine!”

Thomas Draba

Founder and Solution Architect, t2informatik GmbH

“Whatever you want to know: We are happy to help. Sometimes a little tip is enough, or we develop software, or we recommend other experts.”

Michael Schenkel

Head of Marketing, t2informatik GmbH


There are two easy ways to get in contact with us:

  • You could send a message to internet@t2informatik.de and explain your expectations and requirements.
  • Or you could use the form below and describe your situation and parameters to us.

No matter which way you choose: We look forward to hearing from you and see if and how we can support you with the development of great software.