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What is a Process Module?

Smartpedia: Process modules combine work products, activities and roles in V-Modell XT. In tailoring, the project-relevant process modules are generated.

Process module – a component for creating work products

Process modules are a central element in V-Modell XT. They facilitate the application of the process model and form the basis for tailoring. They encapsulate work products, activities and roles. Process modules therefore contain all the components required to generate defined results.

V-Modell XT is a comprehensive process model for system development that defines numerous activities, products, and roles. Work products – i.e. expected work results – can have subordinate products – the so-called subjects – and dependencies on other products. Activities are recommendations for the creation of work products, whereby activities can also have subordinate activities whenever a subject is to be worked on. Work products are created by roles; V-Modell XT defines organisational and project roles and determines which roles participate in which work products and which are responsible for product creation. All this information and details are summarised in various process modules. In principle, a single module can depend on other modules; they can be adapted and extended.

Process Module in V-Modell XT

Tailoring allows the V-Modell XT to be adapted to the specific needs of a project. In tailoring, the project type, the project type variant and the specific project characteristics determine the selection of project-relevant process modules. This ultimately results in the actual products, activities, roles and processes for a specific project.

Process Modules in V-Modell XT Version 2.3

The process modules that are used in all project types are called the V-Modell XT core. Version 2.3 of V-Modell XT contains the following 28 modules:

  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Configuration Management
  • Problem and Change Management
  • Life Cycle Cost Management
  • Multi-Project Management
  • Measurement and analysis
  • Specification of Requirements
  • Contract Award (Acquirer)
  • Contract Award (Supplier)
  • System Implementation
  • SW Development
  • HW Development
  • Integrated Logistic Support
  • Evaluation of Off-the-shelf Products
  • Usability and Ergonomics
  • Enhancement and Migration of Legacy Systems
  • Information Security and Data Protection
  • Information Security and Data Protection (Acquirer)
  • Information Security and Data Protection (Supplier)
  • Functional Safety
  • Functional Safety (Acquirer)
  • Functional Safety (Supplier)
  • Contract Fulfilment
  • Contract Fulfilment (Acquirer)
  • Contract Fulfilment (Supplier)
  • Delivery and Acceptance (Acquirer)
  • Delivery and Acceptance (Supplier)

With version 2.1, the process contained in V-Modell XT for the “Introduction and Maintenance of an Organisation-Specific Process Model” was removed and implemented as an independent model (V-Modell XT ORG).


There is no current V-Modell XT version that has been translated into English. The last version is 1.1, but it does not know many concepts and new features of the current version. Therefore we don’t link to it.

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