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What is a Project Execution Strategy?

Smartpedia: The project execution strategy defines a basic framework for the structured implementation of a project. In a V-Modell XT project it determines the order of decision gates.

Project Execution Strategy – determine the order of the decision gates

A project implementation strategy defines a basic framework for the structured implementation of a project and is comparable to a milestone plan. It defines the “when” and thus the sequence of the products, documents or results (and the corresponding activities) to be created.

The project execution strategy is particularly important in V-Modell XT, a standard for planning and executing system development projects. A V-Modell XT project goes through several milestones from project initialisation to project completion. A milestone in V-Modell XT is called a decision gate. Decision gates mark quality measurement points, for which the release of further project phases is decided on the basis of defined products (e.g. documents). A central element in V-Modell XT are process modules that bundle products, activities as well as roles. Since, however, no chronological sequences can be derived from them, the project implementation strategy comes into play. Based on the project type, the project type variant and the selection of the project charateristics, it defines the order of the decision points.


Project Execution Strategy V-Modell XT

Comprehensive process models are often criticised for their lack of flexibility. On closer inspection, however, the project execution strategy, for example, also makes it possible to work on products for subsequent decision gates. Employees can therefore do “preliminary work”, only the decision gates have to be run through sequentially according to the process rules. 

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