Business Analysis

What is business analysis and which strategic and operational activities are addressed?

Enabling change in companies

The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) defines business analysis as an activity that enables change in a company by defining the company’s needs and recommending solutions that bring value to stakeholders. This definition addresses strategic and operational activities of business analysis. Strategic activities include:

  • Identify information and understand business
  • Analyse and define demand
  • Identify and evaluate solutions

Operational activities in business analysis include:

  • Define requirements
  • Implement change

In combination with strategic and operational activities, we often speak of a business analysis process model in which a go- or no-go decision must be made according to the strategic aspects of the analysis. In this context, reference is often made to the skill model of the “T-shaped business analyst”, who should have a broad knowledge in various areas such as IT, processes or organisations in order to keep an eye on the corporate strategy as a whole. In addition, however, in-depth knowledge is also required for special areas of application so that, for example, concrete IT processes can also be optimised.


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