Jour fixe

What is a Jour fixe, which rules apply and what tips exist?

A recurring meeting

Communication is very important for organisations. A Jour fixe is a regular meeting of a group of people, in which mostly the same important topics are discussed. The translation from French means “fixed day”. On a fixed day – e.g. every first Friday of the month or every day at 7:30 am – the participating persons have an appointment with each other for an exchange. A Jour fixe is therefore a recurring meeting at periodic times.

Rules for Jour fixes

The Jour fixe is also described as regular communication. This makes sense, because on the one hand communication takes place very regularly, and on the other hand there are some very easily understandable rules that contribute to success:

  • A Jour fixe does not require an invitation, because the circle of participants is identical. For example, the executive board of an organisation meets every morning to discuss the situation or the development team meets daily for the Daily Scrum.
  • There is no reason to coordinate a subsequent appointment with potential participants, because all dates are fixed in advance. It only requires an initial appointment and all subsequent appointments are fixed.
  • A Jour fixe does not require an agenda. While an agenda is very important and provides orientation in a specifically planned and scheduled meeting, this is not necessary in a jour fixe. The topics discussed are similar or even identical: What is the project status? Which problems need to be solved? What are the economic figures? Open issues can of course also be discussed.
  • Participation in the Jour fixe is mandatory for the defined group of people. If a participant is unable to attend, a deputy should ideally attend. Alternatively, the findings of the meeting should be communicated separately.
  • Whether guests are allowed to participate in the Jour fixe or not must be determined within the organisation.
  • The Jour fixe takes place not only at the same time but also at the same place.


Jour fixe - a regular meeting on a fixed time and day

Tips for conducting a jour fixe

In addition to the few rules that promote continuous exchange, organisations should clarify separate issues and rules in advance:

  • How long does the meeting last and who ensures that the timebox is observed?
  • Who moderates the meeting and is there a minute-taker?
  • Will the results be made available to the participants in writing afterwards?
  • How are discussed tasks followed up?
  • Is the use of mobile phones and other aids permitted during the meeting?


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