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What is the V-Modell XT ORG?

Smartpedia: The V-Modell XT ORG documents a procedure for the introduction and improvement of an organisation-specific process model.

V-Modell XT ORG – an organisation-specific adapted V-Modell XT

The V-Modell XT is a rich procedural model for planning and controlling system development projects. V-Modell ORG is based on V-Modell XT and documents a procedure for the introduction and continuous improvement of an organisation-specific procedure model.

>The adaptation of the V-Modell XT standard to specific companies or company situations is often considered necessary and very sensible. For this reason, it was obvious to upgrade the original project type “Introduction and maintenance of an organisational procedure model” and to convert it into a separate procedure – the V-Modell XT ORG – with the V-Modell XT Version 2.1.

The structure and terms of V-Modell XT ORG and V-Modell XT are identical. In addition to the V-Modell XT core, the process modules “commercial project management” and “measurement and analysis” are used. Since management is very important when introducing an organisation-specific process model, V-Modell XT ORG explicitly emphasises the following disciplines:

  • initiation and organisation
  • planning and control
  • risk management
  • problem and change management
  • configuration management
  • quality assurance
  • reporting


The V-Modell XT ORG documentation does not exist in English, therefore we don’t link it here. A V-Modell XT Guide in German can be download here  »

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