Lars Richter, Innovation Coach

Lars Richter believes in a working world in which people are eager to be allowed to go back to work on Monday. That is why he inspires people, companies and organisations to design working environments in such a way that motivation and commitment can unfold. Motivation always arises when our human need for autonomy, flow and community is fulfilled and what we do has meaning. Games realize these principles in their pure form - but autonomy, flow, community and meaning are transferable to any context - including work. That's why Lars Richter uses games as a foil to illustrate these principles and how they work, helping his clients to develop a blueprint that they can transfer to their organization to give it meaning. As a motivation designer, certified Scrum Master and Product Owner (PSM I & PSPO I), Trainer & Consultant, Mr. Richter works with his clients and their staff in BarCamps, workshops, trainings, MOOCs or lectures to design companies that can fully develop motivation.