Astrid Kuhlmey from KPMO

Computer scientist Astrid Kuhlmey has more than 30 years of experience in project and line management in pharmaceutical IT. She has been working as a systemic consultant for 10 years and advises companies and individuals in necessary change processes. Sustainability as well as social and economic change and development are close to her heart. Together with a colleague, she has developed an approach that promotes competencies to act and decide in situations of uncertainty and complexity.


Old white man

Who doesn’t know him, the old white man who resists change? Does he also exist in companies and what are the possible consequences?

Who is to blame?

Time and again, companies look for someone to blame. Why is this so, why do employees participate in it and what is the alternative?

PMO and Uncertainty

At first glance, Project Management Offices (PMOs) and uncertainty contradict each other. How could the interaction of both issues work?

Learning from IT mistakes

Often the tension is high when IT problems arise. Once these are solved, things usually continue as before. Until the next problem arises. What can organisations learn from this?

The Groundhog says hello

A corporation does not use color printouts in order to reduce costs. Sounds good, but new processes and special rules, new roles and precautions are needed. A gloss.

The expectation management

Dealing with our own expectations is usually a challenge that influences our relationship with ourselves and with our customers. How does good expectation management work?