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What challenges do you face in your IT organization? Do you need technical expertise to develop a new component, to replace an existing application or to connect different tools? Do you want to strengthen your team over the entire project duration or are you looking for capacities for your software development?

We are happy to be your partner as a service provider and bring along know-how, passion and a lot of experience in the development of software and the management of projects. We support your employees, impart knowledge and develop suitable solutions. Arrange a call now and we will discuss how we can best support you.

Tailor-made software. Successful projects. That is our motivation.

Software Development as Service from t2informatik in Berlin

As long-standing experts and service providers in all modern .NET technologies, with the Java platform and with web technologies, we offer you professional software development. We support you in the development of new solutions, in the migration of data, in the modularization of existing applications or in the extension of tools.

Project Management as Service from t2informatik in Berlin

In project management, we support you in planning and controlling projects. We help you to identify and structure requirements and ensure consistency, completeness and traceability. We also support you when a project is in trouble. And we will gladly help you to use agile methods such as Scrum and Kanban.

Process Management as Service from t2informatik in Berlin

Do you need external support in the selection and implementation of processes and methods? Do you want to optimize internal processes, define workflows, combine classic and agile procedures or model business processes? Just get in touch with us – as a service provider we are happy to be there for you.

Pure knowledge to read and download

People and organisations, software and projects

Weekly tips, opinions and information can be found in the t2informatik blog – regularly with renowned guest authors.

Strategic Scope Management

The scope is a central factor in project management. How can it be structured, how important are dependencies and which goals are addressed by scope management?

From Monolith to Microservices

How can you develop a monolith into a microservice technology? A field report on stability, performance, automation, testability, maintainability.

The Product Owner Team

When does it make more sense to use a product owner team than to work with a single product owner? A practical report on projects, tasks, responsibilities and conflicts.

Deficits of the computer architecture

Hackers consistently exploit deficits in the computer architecture. What are the deficits and what could a computer architecture of the future look like?

How can I avoid uncertainty?

Many people associate uncertainty with a loss of control, hence they want to avoid it. This is understandable, but not effective. What is the alternative?

The Agile Organisation of Work in the Craft Sector

How can a medium-sized craft enterprise improve if the products are good but the organisation of the work is not yet perfect?

The Discovery of Sustainability

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for many companies. What is sustainability, what concepts and approaches are there for organisations?

The Implementation of Clean Code

The principles and practices of professional software development are not enough to implement clean code. How can clean code be developed?

Knowledge from Software Development and Project Management


Terms, backgrounds and comparisons from the areas of software development and project management summarized compactly. Knowledge to read.

New: What is a SRS?

Downloads from Software Development and Project Management


Download whitepapers, guides, templates and tools from the areas of software development and project management. Pure knowledge to take away.

We develop software and manage projects for great companies.

Trust, competence and passion

We bring with us many years of experience in software development and project management. With many of our customers we have a long lasting, trusting cooperation. Arrange a call now and we will discuss how we can best support you.

Our customers rely on our skills
and our word.

Why are we also a good partner for you?

“A project of this magnitude has not yet been realized within the company. For us, reliability, competence, flexibility and availability were essential for a successful cooperation. It’s a good thing that we chose t2informatik as our partner.”

Stefan Wruck

Projekct Leader Development, Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG GmbH

Satisfied customers

Satisfied customers are the best reference. Our customers come from a wide variety of industries and sectors. And for everyone, the success of IT projects and the successful development of software is decisive for the future.

Software Development and Project Management. Jobs at t2informatik.

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previewWe are looking for talent and 100% passion. What are you looking for? You already have some professional experience and want to take the next step? You are an expert and a good working atmosphere, a secure job, a good salary and technical challenges are important to you? Then become part of our great team. We are also happy to receive unsolicited applications.

Our success is based on the many years of experience and high motivation of our employees.

“Software development is our great passion. With enthusiasm we develop new solutions, manage projects and use agile principles and best practices. And all this tailored to the individual situation of our great customers. Talk to us about your situation and we’ll see what we can do to help you. Here you can arrange a phone call.”

Thomas Klingenberg

Managing Director, t2informatik GmbH