30 events in Germany for software developers in 2020

Guest contribution by | 03.01.2020

Do you have plans to expand your professional network in 2020? Then this is the right place for you. Because with these events, IT professionals and self-employed people in particular can make local contacts in addition to online acquisition at Freelance.de. Therefore we present 30 German IT events.

IT Events in and around Berlin

WomenTech Berlin 2020

Admission from 420 €, in Berlin, on 21 January
Women are still clearly outnumbered in Tech. The WomenTech Network would therefore like to strengthen female computer scientists and is organising these and other events in 2020 to enable women in the tech sector to network.

Konferenz AI Masters

Admission from 199 €, in Berlin, on 24 and 25 January
Artificial intelligence is not only a topic for computer scientists – it is also an important topic in online marketing and e-commerce. The organisers of the AI Masters connect the three areas, invite speakers who show concrete examples of implementation, and offer many opportunities for networking.

Digital:Relaunch Konferenz & Seminare

Admission from 299 €, in Berlin, on 17 and 18 February
Digital transformation is still a hot topic. At this event, decision-makers from small and medium-sized businesses can get tips from experts, learn more about best cases and further educate themselves in seminars and lectures. This will be crowned by an entertaining cocktail party.

AI for Business – Meetup

Free admission, in Leipzig, on 05 March
The AI Business Meetup series is coming to Leipzig for the first time. Two speakers on the topic of AI were invited. The focus is on trying out a Swiss chatbot tool and networking among each other.

DIS2020 (Digital Innovator’s Summit)

Admission from €1,695, in Berlin, on 24 and 25 March
Every year since 2007 DIS invites international speakers from renowned companies to discuss developments in B2C and B2B media. Executives from media companies, technology innovators and social platforms take part.

Big-Data.AI Summit: Drive AI from Fiction to Business

Admission from 299 €, in Berlin, on 01 and 02 April
Europe’s leading conference on the practical application of Smart Data in companies expects over 10,000 participants. The organisers promise to delve into the depths of the Big Data and AI revolution, with 45 hours of best practice presentations and workshops by over 200 leading specialists.

Data Hacker Days

Free admission, in Berlin, on 15 and 16 April
Two days of unstoppable hacking is the promise. Here, data specialists can show the top recruiters what programming services you have to offer.

ISOCI – International Symposium on Computational Intelligence

Admission from 475 €, in Berlin, from 20 to 22 April
ISOCI offers researchers and industry experts one of the best platforms to meet and discuss groundbreaking research and innovation in the field of computational intelligence.


Admission from 189 €, in Berlin, on 27 April
With at least two workshops and a few speakers to be announced, this meeting will focus on Site Reliability Engineering, DevOps and Observability.

Industry.forward Summit

Admission from 1.175 €, in Berlin, on 27 May
The industry’s future conference is intended to bring together and network masterminds from the industry in one place – there is a corresponding programme of lectures.

WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2020

Admission from 129 €, in Berlin, on 28 and 29 May
With over 10,000 participants, more than 250 speakers and over 80 workshops, this is one of the largest German events for software developers and computer scientists.

Data Natives 2020

Admission from 26 €, in Berlin, on 19 November
Every year, over 70,000 data experts, entrepreneurs and computer scientists are invited to 50 technology centres. The 50th and final event takes place in Berlin and is an invitation to networking.


Admission from 10 €, in Berlin, on 02 December
This day will focus on AI, Blockchain, Big Data and many other IT topics and their practical application. Young professionals are especially addressed.

IT events in Munich and Nuremberg

MobileTech Conference & Summit

Admission from €399, in Munich, from 30 March to 1 April
The conference and training event for mobile development promises to put more emphasis on practical workshops than on lectures.

.NET Day Franken

Admission from 55 €, in Nuremberg, on 24 and 25 April
This year the motto “Hochbrozendiggs geechan Wissnsdoschd!” – or ” high percentage against thirst for knowledge” – already shows that it is about lectures and workshops with a focus on modern and professional software development.

World of Data – Business Intelligence Kongress

Admission from 115 €, in Munich, on 14 May
More than 650 participants from IT, marketing, controlling etc. are expected. The event is expecting 20 exhibitors and 30 lectures Big Data and AI.

DWX Developer Week

Admission from 599 €, in Nuremberg, from 29 June to 03 July
The Developer Week is aimed primarily at web, mobile, Java and .NET developers. It offers lectures, training, expert discussions and exchange with more than 2,500 developer colleagues.

Nürnbergs Digital Festival

Admission free, in Nuremberg, 10 to 20 July
With 17,000 participants, 340 events and 1,000 organisers from business, science, education and culture, the festival is spreading throughout Nuremberg and the surrounding area.

Bits & Pretzels 2020

Admission from 399 €, in Munich, on 27 to 29 September
The fair aims to unite tech founders, start-ups and investors in all aspects of IT. With over 5,000 participants, it is Europe’s largest meeting for IT founders.

it sa – the IT Security Expo and Congress

Admission not yet determined, in Nuremberg, on 06. to 08. October
Europe’s leading trade fair for IT security invites computer scientists and other interested parties to take a closer look at developments in the IT security industry.

IT events in NRW and the north

IT for Business – Norddeutschlands Kongressmesse für Digitalisierung

Admission from 20 €, in Lübeck, on 05 February
With 25 lectures from the technology and marketing sector, renowned exhibitors and practical workshops, IT for Business is making its mark as an important trade fair in the field of digitisation. Students get free admission.

Digital Demo Day 2020

Admission from 10 €, in Düsseldorf, on 13 February
The Digital Demo Day enables Tech Startups to present themselves, discuss new ideas and establish contacts with already established computer scientists. Over 4,000 visitors are expected to attend, and more than 30 speakers have been invited.

DevOps Gathering

Admission from 299 €, in Bochum, from 09 to 11 March
At this event, IT professionals can discuss industry topics – for example CNCF projects, container ecosystems, microservices and much more around DevOps. International experts are also invited.

JavaLand 2020

Admission from 84 €, in Brühl (near Cologne), from 17 to 19 March
Here computer scientists can combine networking & lectures with carousels and cotton candy – because the event takes place at Phantasialand Brühl. There will be a full program with the Java Innovation Lab, international speakers and a “Domain Driven Design” training day.

secIT – der Treffpunkt für Security-Anwender und Anbieter

Admission from 65 €, in Hannover, on 25 and 26 March
The Hanover Fair brings together security experts, providers and interested parties on the subject of IT security. Over 50 exhibitors and 45 speakers are expected.

Innovation Day #3

Admission from 149 €, in Hamburg, on 05 May
There are the three areas of innovation, products and technology, which are particularly important for members of the financial sector to exchange information. In 2019, 300 digital enthusiasts took part.

IT Events in Baden-Wuerttemberg

hallo.digital – Die Convention für digitale Transformation

Admission from 499 €, in Karlsruhe, on 26 and 27 May
This conference is aimed at online marketing managers, business and industry insiders and computer scientists. There will be the opportunity for further education through lectures and networking.

IT kessel 2.0

Free admission, in Sindelfingen, on 02 July
There will be lectures, workshops and networking opportunities around the topic of IT. For further information you can register on the website.

Future Convention

Free admission, in Wiesloch (near Heidelberg), on 04 September
“What will move the world in 2030 that seems impossible today?” will be discussed at the event in Wiesloch.

Stefan Oberdörfer
Stefan Oberdörfer

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