V-Modell XT Bayern

What is the V-Modell XT Bayern and what special features does it contain?

The enhancement of V-Modell XT for the federal state of Bavaria

The V-Modell XT Bayern is an enhancement of the V-Modell XT adapted to the needs of the federal state of Bavaria, which is maintained by Weit e.V. Initially it was developed by the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior as a non-binding tool for Bavarian authorities to carry out customer projects in the area of software development and software adaptation in accordance with guidelines. In the meantime, the V-Modell XT Bayern is maintained by the Bavarian State Ministry of Finance. Version 1.4 is currently available.

Special features in V-Modell XT Bayern

In 2004, the Bavarian State Government formulated new eGovernment goals and binding guidelines, which also regulated the procedure in software development projects. These guidelines are primarily implemented in the project implementation strategy “Allocation and implementation of IT development projects”. It comprises the following decision gates:

  • project initiated
  • project defined
  • current state analysed
  • rough concept defined
  • expert fine concept defined
  • project advertised
  • project commissioned
  • detailed design completed
  • acceptance
  • change plan defined or alternative: procedure introduced
  • possibly a change plan is defined and then: project commissioned or again: expert concept defined.

In addition to the project execution strategy, sample texts for products of V-Modell XT Bavaria (e.g. for the rough concept or the project manual), as well as copy templates for process description, rough concept and EVB IT contracts were stored. V-Modell XT Bayern also knows its own project characteristics for data protection and IT projects, as well as project roles such as the Service Level Manager, the Service Manager and the System Manager.

V-Modell XT Bayern (our own illustration)

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