What is the GPM?

Smartpedia: GPM is a German Association for Project Management . It operates under the umbrella of IPMA and is a leading competence network for project management in Europe.

GPM – the German Competence Network for Project Management

GPM is the German Association for Project Management (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement e.V.). It is the German national representative of the International Project Management Association (IPMA) and, with more than 8,000 members, is the largest competence network of project management experts in Europe.

An essential task of the GPM is the advancement of the profession project management in co-operation with its members. GPM members can be

  • individuals from companies, universities or other institutions
  • as well as entire companies.

Together they form a competence network. A goal of the German Association for Project Management i “to enable humans to realize innovative ideas together with others in all areas of life – for the well-being of the larger whole”. (Excerpt from the mission statement of GPM)

In the course of the professional education GPM also offers numerous seminars and workshops, books and studies, as well as certifications (see IPMA).

The structure of the GPM groups of experts

Currently, 39 GPM regions offer opportunities to exchange experiences. In addition, specific aspects of project management are being developed in specialist groups. GPM’s expert groups are divided into three areas:

  • Topic-focussed groups take care of concrete processes, methods, best practices and tools.
  • Sector-focussed groups address industry specifics and challenges of individual industries, e.g. automotive PM, IT project management, project management in medium-sized businesses, project management in municipalities or project management in aerospace.
  • Special Interest Groups are involved in user groups with high importance but little visibility in the project management community, such as PM experts or PM junior staff (Young Crew).

In addition to the regional support and the specialist groups, GPM also regularly conducts studies on various aspects of project management. The results of the studies are published as a summary at the GPM website.


More Information can be found at GPM’s German website.

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