Embedded Systems C/C++ Software Development (f/m/d)

Developing good software embedded in a team.

Embedded systems can be found in almost all areas of modern life: in cars, household appliances, watches or medical devices. Since our foundation in 2012, we have been growing continuously and we develop the appropriate software for such systems. We would like to expand our competencies in the area of Embedded Systems C/C++.

We are looking for Embedded Systems C/C++ software developers.

Number of employees who have left us since our foundation 9 years ago: 1.
Moved to a larger partner.

Employee satisfaction: 4.7 out of 5.0.
The industry average is 3.4, so our employees are relatively satisfied.

Who are we looking for? Developers with a few years and experts with many years of experience.
We also like to work with freelancers.

We are looking for people who are fluent in German, as we are active in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Therefore, it is important that you speak German well and if you are interested in working with us, please apply in German.

“There are many challenges to master in development projects. I think it’s great to design and implement clever solutions for them. Of course, that requires competence, but it’s also a lot of fun in a team.”

Thomas Draba

Founder and Solution Architect, t2informatik GmbH

How do you work at t2informatik?

What can you expect when you start with us as an embedded systems C/C++ software developer? Place of work: We develop in our offices at Buelowstr. 66, 10783 Berlin, in our home office or at customer sites. Just as it best suits the project and your personal situation. Onboarding: A good familiarisation is very important. We have had good experiences with individual familiarisation and cooperation at eye level. Of course, this also includes an innovative working environment with state-of-the-art hardware (e.g. the latest devices from the Dell XPS 13 series with 4K monitors), height-adjustable desks, comfortable seating, coffee and tea. And of course, you will also get a specific contact person for questions. Collaboration: Manchmal entwickeln wir im Pair Programming, in manchen Projekten arbeitet ein Team zusammen und in anderen Situationen programmieren Kollegen alleine. Wir sind offen, kommunizieren miteinander und helfen einander mit Feedback. Advanced training: With each other and in exchange. That is our motto. Even in the pandemic, we discuss projects and developments, and try out new technologies. Since we currently do without face-to-face meetings, of course, we work and learn with each other online. What do we value? Passion and fun, community and feedback, further education, responsibility, knowledge transfer and team spirit – that’s what we stand for and what makes us tick. Together we programme cool software, together we develop ourselves further. Additional information: We offer you an innovative working environment, individual customer projects, flexible working hours and models, a great corporate culture, a safe working environment, good pay and many opportunities for further training. Here you will find more information about us.

Tasks and skills

The following tasks await you as an Embedded Systems C/C++ Software Developer:

  • Development for innovative microprocessor-controlled products
  • Test-driven software development
  • Working with real-time operating systems

What you should bring to the Embedded Systems C/C++ Software Development (f/m/d) (must haves):

  • Several years of experience in development for embedded systems in C or C++
  • Experience in test-driven software development and unit tests
  • Experience in using real-time operating systems, e.g. MQX or FreeRTOS
  • Knowledge of UML, especially UML2 State Machines and their implementation in C or C++

The following knowledge and experience would be desirable (nice to have):

  • Experience in developing portable solutions to support multiple platforms
  • Experience in developing modular, distributed systems with multiple controllers
  • Knowledge of common bus systems and interfaces, e.g. LIN, CAN, SPI, I²C, Ethernet, UART, USB

You will be able to easily develop the following skills (benefits):

  • Expertise in embedded systems
  • Expertise in agile methods like Scrum or Kanban
  • Presence of technology decisions and active knowledge transfer
  • High problem-solving competence, good communication skills and service orientation
  • Openness to new situations and people

As we develop software for clients in German-speaking countries, there may be the opportunity to get to know new cities and regions if you are interested.