Silke Nierfeld, Future Architect

Silke Nierfeld is a transformation expert, future architect, philosopher and executive coach. She has spent her life exploring the things behind the things in order to make people's lives better, easier and more meaningful. Her concern is a working world that makes the term work-life balance obsolete and transforms performance stress into performance joy. Her holistic change management concept is amazingly effective. It transforms companies into sustainable organisations that can calmly deal with the challenges of the VUCA world. The integration of unconscious dimensions of being transforms everyday life from the inside, it is a game changer. Contact Silke Nierfeld if you want to establish innovation and cultural change in your company - without gruelling change processes.


Beyond agile

Agility is considered the answer to an uncertain future, but agility does not master complexity. Something is needed that goes even further. Beyond agile.