Silke Nierfeld from

Silke Nierfeld stands for a new quality of future work organisation that adds another dimension to the four P's of modern business development: Profit ∞ Planet ∞ People ∞ Purpose, which causes these goals to be effortlessly achieved and connected. Her holistic thinking structure integrates the living and non-linear realms of reality, transforming complexity from problem to potential. She identifies reductionist worldviews, unconscious beliefs and resistances that block processes. Integrating prae- and transrational aspects is the key to holistic change management or change without fighting. Contact Silke Nierfeld if you want to transform your company into a living, sustainable organisation without gruelling change processes.


Beyond agile

Agility is considered the answer to an uncertain future, but agility does not master complexity. Something is needed that goes even further. Beyond agile.