Cornelia Kiel, Project Manager

Cornelia Kiel has been managing projects intelligently and sustainably for over 20 years. She uses a wide variety of methods: from the waterfall to the V-model and the various agile frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban or SAFe® - always in the interests of an efficient project. Her clients benefit from her extraordinary wealth of experience as a project manager, ScrumMaster, AgileCoach, moderator and BVMW-certified consultant for medium-sized companies. In the beginning there is always the question of why. - Even as a child she drove her father to despair with this. - With this curiosity, Cornelia Kiel will work with you to find out the meaning and purpose of your project. The question of the benefit for your customer is also answered. From this starting point, you will reach the goal of your project in a focused manner.