Gebhard Borck, business administration with meaning

Gebhard Borck, born in 1971, has been an entrepreneur for almost two decades. Since then, he has accompanied development, change and OE projects in a coordinating, leading and consulting capacity. His assignments have taken him to England, Spain, Italy, the USA, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. His clients book Borck as a knowledge worker with the title consultant, coach, facilitator, mentor, moderator, organisational developer, project manager, speaker, sparring partner or trainer. In 2011 he published his non-fiction book "Affenmärchen - Arbeit frei von Lack & Leder" (Monkey Tale - Work Free of Lacquer & Leather), in which he critically examines the widespread business administration and designs a new one, which is defined by the meaningful connection of people to their work. He coined the term "coupling of meaning" for this in 2004. Since 2012, he has dedicated 100% of his experience to the development of a new working world in which people are independently and responsibly involved. He supports organisations to develop in this direction. He lives collaborations in order to further develop the well-known know-how. And he gives the new work an entrepreneurially pragmatic voice away from theoretical wishful thinking.