Dr. Mathias Berth from Softwareliefern.de

Dr. Matthias Berth studied mathematics and computer science in Greifswald, Germany and Amsterdam, Netherlands. After a doctorate in computer algebra, he founded a bioinformatics startup together with colleagues from biology, mathematics and economics, to which he belonged for many years as CTO. He then moved on to freelance work as a consultant and software developer. He is particularly interested in the sustainable improvement of the software delivery process of teams and organizations in the context of the digital transformation of business models. He prefers to apply principles from Lean Thinking to establish agile approaches. In doing so, he draws on a broad repertoire of methods. The aim is to convey perspectives, mentalities and ways of thinking that enable teams to deliver better and more valuable software faster and more frequently. As a basis in these processes, it is important for him to understand and focus on the respective economic context and the business benefits for the entire company. Since 2018 he has been working with Christoph Lefkes on the holistic optimisation of software delivery processes at SoftwareLiefern.de.