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Software development is a broad field. The challenges and opportunities are manifold. Below you will find some statements from our customers, as well as a selection of projects and activities that we have carried out for companies of various sizes.

Our customers come from a wide range of industries such as

  • pharmaceutical and medical technology,
  • communications technology,
  • the automotive industry,
  • public administration,
  • universities, etc.

We refrain from a logo parade, even though we support globally active and well-known companies with our software developers and software architects. If you would also like to become a reference, please feel free to contact us.

Below you will find a selection of projects and quotes from clients, partners and friends:

“Imagine you work in a regulated environment, want to develop a new medical device and have defined about 2,000 requirements. How do you proceed? We chose t2informatik as our partner and would do so again today. The expertise in software architectures, the expertise in software development, the experience with agile project management and the very flexible way of working were ideal for us.”

Stefan Wruck

Project Leader Development, Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG GmbH

Software development for Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG GmbH – here you will find a success story for two companies.

“In t2informatik we found the strong development partner we were looking for. Half a year later we take stock and state: our expectations were fully met and even exceeded. The team helped us to set up our development project (architecture, code quality, working method, team) and was or is still available as a sparring partner. High praise for: absolute transparency, great technical competence, honest advice and the support in getting our project up and running on its own in time.”

Kolja Czudnochowski

Co-Founder & COO, Confrix GmbH

“4Soft was looking for short-term support in a technically demanding development project in the automotive sector. We found what we were looking for at t2informatik with three experienced developers. What we particularly liked was the ability to quickly familiarize ourselves with the technical environment and special technical features. In this way, the lead time was kept short and the project was completed on schedule.”

Dr. Marc Sihling

Managing Director, 4Soft GmbH

“I have been a customer of Thomas Klingenberg for many years and later a cooperation partner in the field of project management and IT services. To this day I am enthusiastic about how t2informatik combines methodical competence with individual customer support. Despite its methodical expertise, t2informatik is also not afraid to deliver small, fast and above all pragmatic solutions, especially when it comes to entering into a joint learning process in cooperation with the customer.”

Astrid Kuhlmey

Almost 35 years system analyst at Schering AG and Bayer Business Services GmbH, Managing Director since 2013, Kuhlmey PM(O)-Coaching und -Beratung

“Thanks to the very pleasant and constructive cooperation with t2informatik, we were able to meet our requirements within a very short time. During the implementation phase, t2informatik was always reliable, competent and contributed significantly to the success of the project, for which I would like to express my sincere thanks.”

Andreas Gwosdz

Managing Director, Cabe GmbH

“We were looking for a partner to help us coach a client’s development teams in developing single page web applications using HTML5/JS. With t2informatik we have found this partner. t2informatik has experts who not only master the required technologies, but also pass on their knowledge to others.”

Matthias Ehlert

Principal Consultant, msg systems ag

“COMPAREX AG needed support in the time-critical development of its Global Managed Services for cloud monitoring and security. This required the use of the latest methods and technologies, as frequent adaptations and extreme scalability were to be expected in the future. The cooperation with t2informatik started from the first discussions on how to envision this: High level of quality, know-how and commitment. We were able to successfully implement both the first proof-of-concept and the subsequent prototypes in close cooperation with t2informatik. We were always convinced by the constant search for new and more effective solutions, while at the same time making high demands on code quality.”

Guido Bergmann

Head of Software Development – Global Managed Services, COMPAREX AG

“t2informatik was able to provide us with a real expert in the field of .NET/WPF at short notice. Our task was extremely complex. The expert from t2informatik integrated well into our project team and our modell-driven development approach. The cooperation was very good and we will be relying on t2informatik again at the next opportunity.”

Tim Fischer

Geschäftsführer, Tangible Engineering GmbH

“t2informatik as a partner and service provider in software development – it’s a good choice!”

Udo Rietenbach

Head of Key Account and Partner Management, Scopeland Technology GmbH

“In my opinion, t2informatik belongs in the toolbox or on the learning path of modern companies. The blog is officially part of my educational path. Thanks for the many contributions.“

Damian Thater

Software Craftsman, Damian Thater - Software Solutions

“I find your publications very interesting! Class summarized and beautifully compressed!“

Martin Constantin

Agile Product Developer, Deutsche Bahn AG

Projects and services

Here you will find a selection of projects and services that we have realised in the past. Of course, the list is not complete. If you are looking for a service provider for similar or other individual solutions: please just contact us.

Development of a model-driven multi-layer architecture for .NET

New development of the next generation of a complex medical technology product with a focus on a WPF user PC interface and accompanying web applications for data maintenance. The development was model-driven across all levels of the multi-layer architecture for the .NET platform in C# with MS SQL Server, NHibernate, NUnit and NSubstitute. The activity included the architecture development, the development, the test as well as the technical project management including the coordination of several suppliers.

Development of a Java backend software for the visualization of schematics and cable harnesses

Development of a Java backend software at an automotive manufacturer for the visualization of schematics and cable harnesses, including architecture and development of the REST API of the backend server using Java and the Spring Framework.

Development of a distributed Angular application with asynchronous communication

Development of asynchronous communication between the components of a distributed application using JMS, Angular 4 for the frontend and Spring Framework for the backend system.

Design and development of a platform for data integration in application development

Conception and development of a platform for data integration in application development. A server component was created that automatically pulls information about infrastructure, applications, deployments, etc. from various data sources and merges them into one model. A web application was used to visualize this consolidated data. Techniques: Server with Java Spring Boot with Neo4J and REST interface, client as single page application with Angular / TypeScript.

Software architecture design and implementation of a distributed web application in Java

Design and implementation of the software architecture of a distributed web application in Java. Implementation via J2EE using JSF, JPA and CDI, use of Camunda BPM as workflow engine for model-based control of business processes and of Drools as component for implementation of business rules.

Development of a bidirectional synchronisation solution

Conception and development of a synchronization solution for bidirectional synchronisation of requirements between two tools with individual configurability of synchronization for different directories or packages.

Conception and development of a web application for SharePoint

Conception and development of a web application for SharePoint to support a notification system for security problems, including definition of lists and implementation of workflows.

Development of a web application for data management

Development of a web application to manage and export data of a product family using Entity Framework, MS SQL Server, C#, ASP.NET MVC.

Architecture and test-driven development of a WPF application

Architecture and test-driven development of an automatic upgrade mechanism as a WPF application in Windows kiosk mode with generic extensibility of the component model.

Development of a web-based application based on RAP

Development of a web-based application based on RAP in combination with EMF Forms with the focus on an automated provision of user interfaces in the browser as a dedicated application.

Development of a software for planning, visualisation in real time and time lapse

Development of software for planning, real-time and time-lapse visualization, simulation and control of pick & place applications in cooperation with a robot manufacturer and an integrator with C#, WPF, DirectX and WCF.

Analysis of a reference architecture and conception of an internal target architecture

Analysis of a reference architecture and conception of an internal target architecture as well as technical source code analyses of individual applications of this target architecture.

Professional, technological and architectural renewal of an existing application landscape

Analysis, consulting, conception and realization for a professional, technological and architectural renewal of an existing application landscape. Among others VB6, .NET 2.0 to 4.5, C#, VB.NET, WinForms, WPF, WCF, Java 1.4 to 1.8, JavaFX, JPA, Maven, SVN, Git, CI and Scrum are used.

Consulting and support for the group-wide roll-out of Atlassian JIRA

Consulting and support for the group-wide roll-out of Atlassian JIRA. Conception and development of JIRA plugins and Groovy scripts for individualization. Consulting on development processes, implementation of workshops and training for project teams. Service and support for approx. 4,000 users. Techniques: JIRA customizing, JIRA plugin development with Java as well as scripting with Groovy, Excel VBA for analysis and integration.

Establishment and implementation of development-accompanying code reviews

Establishment and implementation of development-accompanying code reviews to ensure technical quality, including the definition of review guidelines and the extension of the state machine of the Redmine ticket system used.

Conception and implementation of a functionality for printing reports with several thousand pages

Design and implementation of a functionality for generating and printing reports with several thousand pages, while simultaneously reducing the amount of data to be transferred and avoiding program interruptions. Realization of a thin client application for the .NET platform with C# and a WPF interface and implementation of the generation as Java component using Apache FOP. The communication between the applications takes place via SOAP-WebServices.

Replacement of an existing VB6 application and realisation of a C# client application with WPF and SOAP

Conception and realization of a client application in C# with WPF and connection of the server with SOAP web services for the generation of documents and replacement of an existing VB6 inventory application. Integration of Freedom Scientific JAWS as reading software in the course of accessibility.

Replacement of SVN with automated migration to Git

Replacement of SVN as source code management with automated migration to Git and simultaneous adaptation of the development process for independent development of requirements at different locations. Training and support for the distributed use of Git

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