Software Development from Berlin.

We develop software for great companies.

We are pleased to offer you the following services:

  • individual software development of frontend, backend or full stack in .NET
  • development of Java components or web applications
  • optimisation of applications in terms of performance and maintainability
  • code review, refactoring, redesign and modularisation of applications
  • design of modern, maintainable software architectures


  • support in Model Driven Development, Behavior Driven Development and Test Driven Development
  • implementation of build pipelines, continuous delivery and software distribution
  • requirements management with user stories and user story maps
  • coaching of development teams and promotion of innovation.


As an IT service provider from Berlin, we can provide you with individual employees or entire project teams of experienced and professional software architects and software developers. Our software development is based on Scrum and Kanban and combines these with the technical practices from Extreme Programming (XP).

Talk to us about your specific situation and we will look together how we can support you as a service provider.

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We use proven technologies and tools for your software development

Who exactly is t2informatik?
Find out more about t2informatik

Who, what, why?

t2informatik comes from Berlin. With a lot of passion and know-how we develop software in all German-speaking countries.

But who is t2informatik? What drives us? And what do we think is important for successful software development?

Find questions and answers about software development with t2informatik

Questions and answers

“Do you have experience with Redux?” Or: “We are looking for support in WPF development. Can you help us at short notice?” Or: “We need an external code review. Do you offer such a service?”

Here you will find questions that we as a service provider for software development are frequently asked. And, of course, you will also find answers.

Advantages for your software development

If you search the Internet for “Software Development Berlin”, you will find many different offers. Why should you choose us as a service provider for software development and programming?

We offer you the following advantages:

  • Passion

Do you know the feeling when something works out the way you wanted it to. This fantastic feeling drives us. That’s why we develop software.

  • Experience and know-how

Our employees are experts with a wealth of experience from numerous projects in a wide range of industries, who will support you individually with specialist knowledge and social competence.

  • Place of action

We are happy to develop software and software architectures on your premises or work in our offices in Berlin. In the way that suits you and the situation best.

  • Capacities

Strengthen your teams at short notice with additional professionals for your software development and software architecture. With individual experts or an entire development team.

  • Cost reduction

Avoid long-term commitments and reduce expenses through an agile approach with short iterations. And get the solution you want.

  • Transfer of knowledge

In addition to methodical competence in software engineering, we also ensure a direct transfer of knowledge. In this way you increase the qualification of your employees “in the process”.

Software development is also in the forefront in our blog

Weekly tips, opinions and information can be found in the t2informatik blog – regularly with renowned guest authors.

Learning to code in schools

The question of whether children should learn to code already at school is hotly debated. One point is often overlooked: We need a revolution!

IT Service Provider Berlin

The competition for IT service providers in Berlin is fierce. Many companies are facing a central challenge for which there is only one logical answer.

Documentation in code – pros and cons

The discussion about documentation in code is not new. Time for pros and cons, and time for the question of what should actually be documented.

No wonder that no software developer applies to you

Companies find it difficult to recruit software developers. They often place job advertisements, but the desired applicants stay away. No wonder.

ExtendableEvents – expandable in the dimension “time”

ExtendableEvents are JavaScript events that are used by ServiceWorkers in Progressive Web Apps (PWA). How do they work in detail? An example with code.

Avalonia UI – Cross-Platform WPF application development with .NET Core

Avalonia UI is a cross-platform .NET framework inspired by WPF. What are the advantages and differences to working with WPF? Is it worth the effort? A field report.

App development with NativeScript

How does developing an app using NativeScript with Angular integration work? What are the advantages and limitations? A field report with coding.

Requirement analysis, but remote

The requirements analysis knows numerous methods and techniques. Which methods work remotely or online? And what additional tips are available?

Customers rely on our skills and our word.

“In t2informatik we found the strong development partner we were looking for. Half a year later we take stock and state: our expectations were fully met and even exceeded. The team helped us to set up our development project (architecture, code quality, working method, team) and was or is still available as a sparring partner. High praise for: absolute transparency, great technical competence, honest advice and the support in getting our project up and running on its own in time.”

Kolja Czudnochowski

Co-Founder & COO, Confrix GmbH

Satisfied customers

Our customers come from a wide variety of industries such as pharmaceutical and medical technology, communications technology, the automotive industry, public administration or research and education. Some come from Berlin, some from Munich or Nuremberg and many from all German-speaking areas.

Software development in Berlin. Jobs at t2informatik.

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previewDo you have a degree in computer science, business informatics or media informatics or will you soon successfully complete your studies? Do you already have some professional experience and want to take the next step? Are you already an expert and are a good working atmosphere, a secure job, good pay, alternation and technical challenges important to you?

Then become part of our great team in Berlin.

We develop software for great companies. Soon also for you?
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