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Software development
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We develop software for great companies.

Software development by experts from Berlin

Software is a central part of our lives. Software is in washing machines, mobile phones and modern television sets, in cars, aeroplanes and medical equipment. Three main types of software can be distinguished:

  • system software (e.g. the Windows operating system),
  • programming software for developers for programming, testing etc., and
  • application software.

t2informatik is an expert in the development of application software for companies. We are also happy to support you

  • in designing software architectures,
  • developing new applications,
  • migrating data,
  • modularising existing programmes or
  • extending software.

Our customers come from a wide variety of industries such as pharmaceutical and medical technology, communications technology, the automotive industry, public administration or research and education. Some come from Berlin, some from Munich or Nuremberg and many from all German-speaking areas.

“In t2informatik we found the strong development partner we were looking for. Half a year later we take stock and state: our expectations were fully met and even exceeded. The team helped us to set up our development project (architecture, code quality, working method, team) and was or is still available as a sparring partner. High praise for: absolute transparency, great technical competence, honest advice and the support in getting our project up and running on its own in time.”

Kolja Czudnochowski

Co-Founder & COO, Confrix GmbH

Advantages for your software development

If you search the Internet for “Software Development Berlin”, you will find many different offers.

Why should you take the first step in our direction and contact us?

Of course, working with us offers some advantages:

  • We have a lot of experience in application development.
  • We work with proven technologies and tools and develop flexibly at a location of your choice.
  • We support you in all phases of software development, i.e. in requirements analysis, software draft and design, implementation, testing and integration, delivery and commissioning and, if required, also in maintenance.
  • With us you avoid long-term commitments and strengthen your teams with additional professionals for your software development and software architecture in the short term.

But: surely other service providers from Berlin might also offer this. Perhaps they too will provide a transfer of knowledge to increase the qualifications of your employees “on the side”. So what can we offer you that you won’t find so easily otherwise?

Three points in concrete terms:

We can put ourselves in your situation

We develop software for companies of different sizes and from many different industries. Maybe you work in a corporation, compliance is important for you and at the same time you want to develop agile software? Maybe you are working in a start-up and need support in prototype development? Maybe you already know exactly what you need or you start with a basic idea for the product to be developed? Maybe you want to work closely together with a service provider, maybe you prefer to communicate in cycles to be defined? Talk to us, we have seen and experienced a lot and probably we can help you.

Thomas Klingenberg

Founder and Managing Director, t2informatik GmbH

We have extensive technical know-how

Not only do we have a lot of experience, but also extensive technical know-how. The fact that we train developers ourselves and ensure a broad transfer of knowledge within the company is probably less important for you. What is important, however, is that we have a lot of knowledge about modern frameworks and can assess very well how technologies will develop. This increases the security in selecting the appropriate options and is a direct investment in the future. Based on this, we can program for you from individual components to complete applications.

Thomas Draba

Founder and Solution Architect, t2informatik GmbH

We develop software that you can still use in 10 years

Our aim is not to gain a foothold with you at short notice in order to quickly develop a solution that you will no longer need the day after tomorrow. We know about the advantages of Clean Code, we are experts for robust software architectures. And we want to work with people who are interested in a long-term, competent, professional and friendly cooperation. That is our goal and our ambition.

Peter Friedland

Software Consultant, t2informatik GmbH

If these three points are important for you, please contact us. It could be worthwhile – for you and for us.

Your challenges in software development

Software development means really understanding a problem before programming begins. It is a matter of know-how and experience. It is fun, but not a game. And it involves much more than tools, languages or frameworks.

Software development is a challenge for many organisations. What challenges are you facing?

Are you looking for support for

  • the development in .NET for frontend, backend or full stack?
  • the realisation of Java components or web applications?
  • the design of modern and stable software architectures?
  • optimisation of applications in terms of performance and maintainability?
  • code reviews, refactorings, redesigns and the modularisation of applications?
  • Model Driven Development, Behaviour Driven Development or Test Driven Development?
  • the realisation of build pipelines, continuous delivery or software distribution?
  • requirements management with user stories, use cases or wireframes?
  • the coaching of development teams and the promotion of innovations?

Then we as a service provider for software development from Berlin could be a good fit!

Talk to us about your specific situation and together we will see if and how we can support you.

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Alternatively, you are also welcome to send us an email to internet@t2informatik.de.