Three Worlds Model of Personality

What is the Three World Model of Personality and what are the advantages?

Smartpedia: The Three Worlds Model of Personality defines three personality roles: Private world, professional world and organizational world. This categorisation helps to avoid conflicts.

A different understanding of roles and role conflicts

The Three Worlds Model of Personality was developed by the psychologist Bernd Schmid. It extends the common understanding of role conflicts of a person who often has to decide between work and private life, e.g. questions about overtime versus time for the family. The Three Worlds Model of Personality defines a further category by dividing the professional role into the professional world and the organisational world. According to the model, every working person thus assumes three roles as a personality:

  • Private world
  • Professional world – this is where professional tasks such as Scrum Master, Product Owner or Requirements Analyst are based.
  • Organizational world – hierarchical functions such as project manager, team leader, sales manager, etc. are prescribed here.


Three Worlds Model of Personality

Advantages of the Three Worlds Model

Often conflicts arise in the profession when the professional and organisational worlds overlap, e.g. when a developer successfully masters his task (professional world), but does not observe conventions agreed upon when representing his team in the Scrum of Scrums (organisational world). The danger of such conflicts increases on the one hand, the more roles a person takes on, and on the other hand, the more expectations are associated with the different roles that a person takes on simultaneously.

The Three World Model offers the following advantages:

  • It helps to better understand possible conflicts “at work” by dividing the world of work into two more detailed categories.
  • It addresses the conscious examination of roles, role expectations and the corresponding communication about them.
  • It is easy to understand and is regarded as a pragmatic personality model that specifically promotes cooperation in organisations.


Impulse to discuss:

Should a managing director of a company also be a product owner (and thus a superior on the one hand and an equal team member on the other)?

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