Starfish Retrospective

What is a Starfish Retrospective, where does the name come from and what categories does it contain?

The continuous improvement of development in the team

The Starfish Retrospective is a well-known and frequently used variant of a retrospective. In a retrospective, the development team meets – in a Scrum approach, not only the developers but also the Scrum Master and, if necessary, the Product Owner – to exchange ideas. The Starfish retrospective takes its name from a starfish, because the aspects of collaboration that individual team members communicate are classified into five star-shaped categories:

  • Start Doing: Here, aspects are collected that should be tried out or used in the future. Example: visualizing impediments on an impediment board.
  • More of: Here points are noted that should be used more or more often in the future. Example: User Story Mapping.
  • Less of: Here elements are documented that do not function ideally and should be used less frequently in the future. Example: Apprenticing by users.
  • Stop Doing: Here, points are recorded that should be omitted in the future. Example: Manual description of a Traceability Matrix.
  • Keep Doing: In this category, aspects are noted that work well and should continue to be used. Example: Team Estimation Game.
Starfish Retrospective

In general, there are many different variants of a retrospective. There are Scrum Masters who use different variants again and again in order to bring some variety into group communication on the one hand and on the other hand to keep the attention in the team high. It is usually a matter of taste whether teams prefer to work with five categories as in the Starfish Retrospective, with four or even only three as in the Small Starfish Retrospective.


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