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How satisfied are you with the processes in your IT organisation? Do you regularly manage to create added value for your customers? Use already defined processes to increase transparency and make successful work in your projects repeatable. We are happy to help you improve the quality of your software development permanently.

Do you already know which process best suits you, your employees and colleagues, and your organization? Or do you want to improve existing processes and use new methods from software engineering?​ Arrange a call now and we will discuss how we can best support you.

t2informatik is the right partner for you and your processes

If you want to optimize your processes through defined workflows and are looking for a service provider, then three aspects are decisive:

  • Knowledge 100% 100%
  • Experience 100% 100%
  • Trust 100% 100%


Knowledge is important, but not only with regard to processes and process models. It makes a big difference in which environment and which industry you operate. Do you want to improve your processes based on agile values and principles using Kanban or Scrum? Does your business environment require a document-oriented approach such as V-Modell XT? Is compliance with standards important because you are active in the medical technology or pharmaceutical industry? Do you have to prove maturity levels according to CMMI or SPICE because you work in the automotive industry? Knowledge means process know-how and always good knowledge in your domain, too. We are happy to support you in the selection of process standards, in the definition of workflows for your organization and in the optimization of your processes.


Experience is at least as important as knowledge. We are happy to provide you with our experience in dealing with classical methods and agile processes. Especially in combination! We are convinced that agile methods are currently the most cost-effective way of organizing development tasks. But many industries require the adherence to extensive standards. We help you to find the solution that combines the best of both worlds and that suits you best.


t2informatk offers you knowledge of processes combined with many years of experience. Maybe we were recommended to you, but how do you know if everything works as described here? What do you think when we simply get to know each other? Let’s talk on the phone and maybe we’ll take the next step and visit you. We also want to win your trust and support you with our knowledge and experience.

Methods for your software engineering

We are also happy to make our knowledge and experience with many methods from software engineering available to you. We support your teams with

  • Business process modeling with BPMN
  • software and system modelling with UML and SysML
  • the requirement specifications with use cases
  • backlog management with epics, features and user stories
  • Model-driven Architectures / Model-driven Architecture (MDA)
  • Model-driven Development (MDD)
  • Domain-specific languages / Domain-specific Languages
  • data modelling with Entity-Relationship-Models etc.


Processes and methods are also topics in our blog

Weekly tips, opinions and information can be found in the t2informatik blog – regularly with renowned guest authors.

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Smart Requirements Engineering

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Order clarification is also an important factor in agile projects. What practical tips exist and which questions help to clarify orders?

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Satisfied customers are the best reference

“The cooperation with t2informatik started from the first discussions on how to envision this: High level of quality, know-how and commitment. We were able to successfully implement both the first proof-of-concept and the subsequent prototypes in close cooperation with t2informatik. We were always convinced by the constant search for new and more effective solutions, while at the same time making high demands on code quality.”

Guido Bergmann

Head of Software Development – Global Managed Services, COMPAREX AG

Our customers come from a wide variety of industries such as pharmaceutical and medical technology, communications technology, the automotive industry, public administration or research and education. Some come from Berlin, some from Munich or Nuremberg and many from the entire German-speaking area

For our customers we develop e.g. tools for the control of business processes, help with the definition of development processes or accompany the introduction of Scrum. We do this with enthusiasm, experience and a lot of know-how.

We are looking for talent and 100% passion. What are you looking for?

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previewMany companies today are experiencing far-reaching changes that affect business models, products and services. If you enjoy challenges, if you like working with people and if you want to change something, then you are in the right place with us.  Regardless of whether you are a young professional or an absolute expert. 

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