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January 1, 2020


For 2020 we have a lot of plans: since a few months you can find new articles also in English, in the next weeks we want to translate all existing contents. We will publish new blog posts by Peter Addor, Stefan Oberdörfer, Andreas Ulrich, Martin Gaedt, Niklas Volland, Cankat Dermirkol, Heiko Bartlog, Silke Nierfeld, Marc Thiel and Dr. Andreas Zeuch, among others. And of course we are looking forward to many conversations with interested parties and new customers and partners. Happy 2020!

Outlook 2020

December 16, 2019

Three times thank you

At the end of the year, we would like to say thank you three times: to you for your interest in our newsletter, blog posts, downloads and “Smartpedia”. Our great guest authors who shared their experiences with you and us. And of course our customers and partners for their trust. So: Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are already looking forward to a great 2020 with you.

Three times thank you

October 29, 2019

Interview with Sandra Brauer

Sandra Brauer is a systemic consultant and trainer for stress management, mindfulness and relaxation. She conducted an interview with Michael Schenkel in German. It was about satisfaction, job or vocation, the challenges in daily work, good working days and basic values in cooperation. Here you can find the interview  »

Interview with Sandra Brauer

October 01, 2019

Dual Studies – Computer Science

The new year in the dual study in the field of computer science begins. This year we even have two students who start their studies with us as a training company. We are very happy about that. At the same time, the search for and selection of candidates for 2020 also begins. If you are interested in a very good start in information technology, you should contact us. As the course of study is conducted in German, you will only find the job description on our German website.

Dual Studies – Computer Science

September 01, 2019

Top Kununu Rating

Satisfied customers are very important for every company. Satisfied employees too. At Kununu – one of the best-known platforms for evaluating employers – we have received a top rating from employees. Great! Let’s see how future colleagues at Kununu will like it. Here you can find our current vacancies  »

Here you find our current vacancies