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Up-to-date IT downloads.

Whitepapers, checklists and templates to take away.

Here you will find a selection of up-to-date IT downloads.

Whitepapers and guides, checklists and templates for working in projects and developing software. Continuously expanded and free of charge, of course. It makes sense to visit regularly.

Now available: Idea Profile Template.

By the way: More than 65,000 whitepapers and guides, checklists and templates have already been downloaded.

“I really like your publications! Superbly summarised and nicely condensed!”

Martin Constantin

Agile Product Developer, Deutsche Bahn AG


The essence of complex topics in a concise format. We offer the following selection of whitepapers for download: 

Backlog Whitepaper to take away
Clean Code Whitepaper for free
Delegation Poker Whitepaper to take away
Extreme Programming Whitepaper Download
Ideation Whitepaper to take away
Prioritisation Whitepaper to take away
Requirements Engineering Whitepaper for free
Scrum Whitepaper to take away
Software Implemenation Whitepaper for free
Stakeholder Whitepaper to take away
User Story Whitepaper to take away
Use Case Whitepaper for free


Interesting topics compactly summarised. You can download the following guides here: 

Acceptance Criteria to take away
Brainstorming Guide to take away
Definition of Done Guide for free
Kano-Model Guide for free
Lean Coffee Guide to take away
Pair Programming Guide Download
Retrospective Guide to take away
Shadow IT Guide Download
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Anti Tips, Templates and Checklists

Knowledge for direct application. We offer you the following antitips, templates and checklists to take away with you:


Anti Tips for Online Meetings

Anti tips for online meetings to take away

Business Case Template

Business case template to take away

Customer Specification

Customer Specification Template to take away

Daily Scrum Checklist

Daily Scrum Checklist - to take away

I can…

I can... - Downloads - t2informatik

Idea Profile

Idea Profile Template Download

Kick-off Meeting Checklist

Kick-off Meeting Checklist to take away

Offboarding Checklist

Offboarding Checklist to download

Onboarding Checklist

Onboarding Checklist to take away

Product Owner Checklist

Product Owner Checklist to take away

Time Credit Template

Time Credit - Template to give time

Use Case Template

Use Case Template for free

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