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What is Bug Fix Log?

Smartpedia: A bug fix log is an internal collection of bugs and bug fixes, a separate document or part of a change log that users receive with the delivery of a patch.

Bug fix log – the documentation of bug fixes

The more comprehensive the software, the more likely it is to contain bugs. The elimination of software bugs is known as bug fixing. The documentation of bug fixes varies from company to company. A bug fix log can be an internal collection of bugs and bug fixes, a separate document, or part of a change log provided to users with the delivery of a patch, hot fix, update, or upgrade.

Most companies use change logs or release notes to publicly document new features and changes to software. Within such documentation, the fixes are listed in a dedicated capital – the rigister of fixes. Even though the presence of errors in software is more of a rule than an exception, it is not always easy to deal with them publicly. When it comes to documentation, companies therefore try to

  • present the innovations, features and advantages first,
  • declare the occurrence of individual errors as an exception or unusual scenario if possible,
  • mention the benefits of the errors eliminated,
  • not to confuse the user with technical reasons,
  • explain the commissioning of the innovations.

Ideally, the bug fix log, change log or release note should contain a reference to the support, including telephone number and e-mail address, as this indicates interest in customer wishes, requirements or error descriptions on the one hand and willingness to support the customer on the other.

However, it is not advisable for companies to make all known errors accessible to users. The written promise of solutions to eliminate errors is also difficult, because bugs often appear to be relatively small, but the effort required to eliminate them may be relatively large. Software bugs are often forgiven by users, especially if they work in companies that produce software themselves. If, however, promises to eliminate errors are not kept, confidence in the software manufacturer gradually wanes.

Bug Fix Log - a collection of bugs

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