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Personas Guide

Everything important about Personas at a glance. 

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Format: PDF
Pages: 8
Size: 364 KB
Price: free of charge

The Personas Guide answers the following questions:

  • What are personas and what is the difference to target audiences?
  • What types of personas exist and what advantages do they offer?
  • How and where can personas be used?
  • How are personas created?
  • What tips exist for the use of personas?


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Do you need support for your development or in your projects?

Personas can be used in various project phases such as project preparation for analysis, project implementation and the operation of solutions. We are happy to provide you with knowledge, experience and 100% passion for your projects and your software development. We can help you with the collection, structuring and management of requirements. We support you in identifying technical correlations and take your personas into account when developing new solutions and migrating existing systems.