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Kano Model Guide

Everything important about the Kano Model at a glance. 

Kano-Model Guide as Download

Format: PDF
Pages: 7
Size: 665 KB
Price: free of charge

The Kano Model Guide answers the following questions:

  • What exactly is the Kano Model?
  • What are the characteristics of customer requirements?
  • Why is the origin of the Kano Model so important?
  • What are the examples of the Kano Model?
  • How does the Kano Model help companies develop products?


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The Kano Model is a great tool for categorising requirements in relation to customer satisfaction. In practice, however, requirements are often volatile.

We are happy to provide you with knowledge, experience and 100% passion for your product and software development. We help you elicit, structure and manage requirements, ensuring consistency, completeness and traceability. We design a robust, future-proof system architecture, identify technical interrelationships and consider stakeholders, goals and constraints. And we develop software that fits your requirements exactly.