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Impediment Guide

Everything important about Impediments at a glance.

Format: PDF
Pages: 7
Size: 378 KB
Price: free of charge

The Impediment Guide answers the following questions:

  • What are impediments?
  • How can impediments be visualised?
  • Which tasks does the Scrum Master have and which questions does he have to answer?
  • What examples of impediments exist?
  • What practical tips are available for dealing with impediments?


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Do you need support for your development or in your projects?

Impediments can jeopardise the achievement of sprint goals. Dealing professionally with impediments is very important for teamwork and cooperation with service providers. It is often a decisive factor in a development.

We are happy to support you in your product or software development. We work agilely, coach your employees in the project, establish a sensible backlog management, help with the product or software design and develop a solution that you want. Ideally, completely without impediments.