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Code of Conduct

Trust is important

The trust of our customers is of central importance to us. We do everything we can to always justify and maintain this trust. Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations is therefore a matter of course and extremely important to us. Our Code of Conduct states that we do not bribe or allow anyone to bribe us. The following overview describes our principles and rules and how we implement them. It applies to all owners, managing directors, executives and employees of t2informatik GmbH.

Offering and Accepting Bribes

We have a zero tolerance policy on bribery. Every t2informatik employee, every temporary worker and all subcontractors are expressly prohibited from offering or accepting bribes. It is never permitted to demand or accept bribery. At the same time, it is excluded that employees may suffer consequences, penalties or degradations because they refuse to accept bribery, even if this could result in business disadvantages for t2informatik.

Gifts and Hospitality

Our business relationships with companies and their representatives, with private individuals and public officials are open and trusting at the same time. We do not create the impression of bribery and corruption. Gifts, invitations, hospitality and entertainment may only be of modest value. They must be appropriate at all times and may only be granted occasionally to individual recipients. The receipt of gifts and hospitality must also be appropriate and may only be occasional.

Conflicts of Interest

Our employees should avoid conflicts of interest. For example, an employee may not release payments to organizations in which he serves as a trustee, director or other officer. Business relationships, in particular the hiring of employees or the awarding of contracts, must not be influenced by personal, political or religious relationships.

Bribe Money

Kickbacks or bribe money are payments to public officials to accelerate actions to which the payer is entitled. This could be, for example, the granting of a permit, a licence or a visa. Such bribes are never acceptable.

Business Partner

The behaviour of intermediaries and other business partners such as suppliers and subcontractors is important to us. We therefore only work with business partners who we believe are suitable for appropriate cooperation. We ensure that partners pay on time and never make payments in cash or by bank transfer to offshore accounts.

Business Records

It goes without saying that we maintain transparent and orderly business records, documents and financial reports. When selecting business partners, we also ensure that they act properly.

Notification of Irregularities

We do not tolerate violations of the Anti-Corruption Policy and our Code of Conduct. If an employee becomes aware of a bribe or attempted bribe, he or she must inform his or her supervisor and management. Violations by our employees may result in disciplinary action, including termination of employment.

To date, there has been no irregularity and we are confident that this will continue to be the case in the future. Should you notice any irregularities, please report them by e-mail to internet@t2informatik.de. We will pursue them immediately.